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Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers, Founder

Dr. Jeffrey B. Conyers is the president and founder of Dominion Theological Seminary, and  Senior Pastor of The Praise Tabernacle (The Victorious Church), Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Conyers received his Bachelor of Theology Degree from The Light House Christian

College, Beebe, Arkansas,  Master of Theology Degree from the University of America

Divinity School, Affiliate of Cambridge International College, Jersey UK,  as well as his Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Community Bible Institute and Seminary, Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Conyers has worked for OPWDD (Office of People With Developmental Disabilities) for over 10 years in agencies such as Life Worcs, and AHRC.

Dr. Jeffrey Conyers

Dr. Conyers grew in the field and then ventured off into working under the OMH (Office Of Mental Health) and worked under OMH for over 10 years where he attended countless seminars, undergone countless trainings, and received countless certifications.  He has worked for over 6 years at the Mental Health Association of Nassau County, where he provided onsite counsel for those residents needing on the spot counseling.  Dr. Conyers has also worked for the Family Residence for Mental Health support, helping those struggling mentally to live and experience a better quality of life.  Dr. Conyers has gone through intense training through OMH in areas such as

  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Trauma
  • Psychosis
  • Substance Use disorders.
  • Anger Management

Dr. Conyers is also a Board Certified Christian Counselor through the NACC (National Association of Christian Counselors), NACC Anger Management Certified, NACC Loss and Grief Certified, NACC Family Ministry Certified, as well as a Chaplain through ICCACC (The International Christian Chaplains Association Chaplaincy Corps).

Dr. Conyers has provided Pastoral Counseling services for over 26 years to the church as well as to the community.  Dr. Conyers is a member of the New York Police Department Clergy Council of the 73rd Precinct in Brooklyn New York helping serve in the affairs of the community.  He has received a Citation and Salutation from the Office of The President of the Borough of Brooklyn, for being an extraordinary clergyman who provides spiritual guidance and support to the youth and his community. The Brooklyn Borough President quotes ” I thank him for making Brooklyn a better place to live, work, and raise a family”.


Dr. Jeffrey Conyers, DD
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